The Best Termite Treatment – Get Rid of Termites Quickly and Easily!

Looking for the absolute best way to get rid of termites?  

We offer and encourage pest control business owner and professional to use MABI products because we know that their tried and true system can quickly and safely get rid of termites.  The system you use to exterminate termites makes a big difference. You want a system that is designed to be fast and easy-to-use. There are many different products on the market designed to get rid of termites. MABI’s revolutionary system is straightforward and cost-effective.

 One of the MABI products we offer is their line of injectors.  MABI injectors use a special patented technology that prevents any splashback.  The injection uses a high amount of pressure to release a metal ball and create a small passage.  Then, the counter-pressure caused by the metal ball seals up the passage, which prevents the chemicals from splashing back into the hole made by the injection or any nearby holes.  This system keeps you or the professional getting rid of the termites safe! The best termite treatment is a treatment that prioritizes your safety.


 Not only does this special system used in MABI injectors keep the personal applying the injection safe, it’s also better for the environment.  One of the best parts of the termite treatment system provided by MABI is that it uses a precise amount of chemical, preventing chemical waste.  When treating termites, it’s important to think about the effects on the surrounding area and it’s best to use a treatment that doesn’t unnecessarily contaminate nearby material with chemicals.  

But, what if you’ve already got your own equipment?

 If you are a professional or a homeowner with termite removal experience, you may have already invested in good, reliable injection equipment.  One of the reasons MABI offers some of the best products available in the USA today is that you can use MABI injectors with your current equipment!  MABI injectors are totally adaptable with many of the main pieces of equipment available in today’s market, such as: the B&G, the JD9 gun, the Actisol, amongst others.  All you need to keep using your current equipment with MABI’s innovative termite treatment system is an injection tip or an adaptor, depending on the tool. Tips and adaptors are easy to apply and save you money by allowing you to use MABI’s system with tools you already own.  

 Whatever type of material or structure you are working with, MABI tools are designed to work for you.  The injectors come in multiple sizes and colors, so you can choose what works based on the specific needs of you or your customer’s building or home.  The injectors can be used to match wood, brick, mortar or concrete.

 Whether you are a technician in the pest control industry or a residential or commercial customer, there are many reasons to use MABI’s system to get rid of termites.  MABI injectors and plugs can be used safely, without the splashing of liquid pesticide. No backflow or splash also means no time wasted cleaning up afterwards. The high-pressure injections that leave a tight seal means a shorter application time. You also don’t need to patch after the injection, saving even more time!  You can also save money by using current equipment and cutting down on the amount of pesticide needed to completely get rid of the termites. MABI products are designed with the customer in mind, making termite treatment as straightforward and simple as possible. As a professional, your business could be improved by using a product that is more effective, more efficient and doesn’t cause further damage to materials that have been infested by termites.  Termite treatment can be easy and quick.


What about treating large, difficult areas (like a concrete slab)?

 MABI offers a termite treatment that can be used to treat a concrete slab in three simple steps.  Step one, drill holes along all existing cracks, joints, plumbing or pillars, around the exterior or interior of the foundation.  Step two, install MABI injectors into the drilled holes with a hammer. Step three, inject! The chemical is injected using pressure with a pump.  Every injection releases a controlled amount of chemical product. The injectors can later be left in place and serve as a plug. Don’t worry – they can be hidden using a sealant or aesthetic cap.  Another reason MABI is the best solution – if you later see evidence that termites have returned, you can use the same injectors without having to drill again.


What’s the best termite treatment?

 Getting rid of termites can be simple, if you are using the right termite treatment.  MABI’s termite treatment system is effective and safe to use. Without creating any chemical splashback, MABI injectors inject liquid pesticide deep into infested materials, getting rid of the termite population.  We carry a variety of MABI’s products that can be used to treat materials infested by termites, while keeping the user safe from splash or overflow. Easily use MABI’s products easily with your existing equipment by applying adaptors or injection tips.  Browse our wide selection of MABI tools and products to find the best termite treatment on the market today.


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