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Professional Termite Equipment for Sale

We offer a good variety of termite treatment equipment from the best brands in the market including MABI. Our termite equipment is perfect for pest control professionals who are always are improving their processes and tools to save money and time.

Termite Equipment for Sale

 For both pest control professionals and homeowners looking for the best solution for termite removal, MABI has top-of-the-line equipment that can save money and time.  There are many reasons to use MABI including their proven splashback prevention technology, which keeps the user safe. Yet another great reason is that you can continue to use equipment that you already have with MABI products.  

 The MABI injection tips, for example, can be adapted and used with any BNG rod.  You just need to screw it on to the end of the rod in order to use the injection tip.  If you have other equipment, let’s say a JD9 gun, for instance, you can also use a MABI injection tip.  Just apply the adapter and follow the instructions to insert the injection tip. Applying MABI adaptors and injection tips are fast and easy.  It’s important to keep in mind that if you have a BNG sprayer or other similar equipment, you are going to need a combo with a special net. Being able to adapt equipment that you currently own and use it along with MABI products is a huge advantage to homeowners or professionals searching for termite equipment.  Browse our variety of MABI equipment, including injection tips and adaptors to use with your existing equipment.