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Termite Products for Wood Treatments

Termite Injection Tools for Wood

Need tools to help you get rid of termites?

They say that with any problem, it’s best to nip it in the bud!  It’s usually better to deal with problems sooner rather than later, and this is especially true with termites.  Getting rid of termites quickly could save you money and heartache in the long run. Termites may seem harmless because they are so small and can go unnoticed for so long.  But beware, because over time termites can cause irreparable damage to property. They can even damage the integrity of a building’s structure over time. Since 1967 MABI has been offering tools to get rid of termites while protecting the applicator and the material that has been taken over by the termites.  
 Wherever termites are, you can use MABI’s injectors and plugs to get rid of them.  MABI products are:

  • Safe – They have specially designed systems in the injectors that prevent backflow.  This means no spilling within the structure or the surrounding environment, to keep you safe.
  • Green – The injections use controlled, precise amounts of chemical to prevent chemical waste.  
  • Fast & Affordable – MABI termite injection tools are easy to use, which means less time spent by you or the professional you hire to apply the termiticide.  
  • Practical – MABI injectors come in three sizes, and four different colors in order to match the concrete, brick